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On the Campaign Trail ...

September 24, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger

Okay, so I'm going to flog this horse until it is good and dead.

Vote ... Fatty ... Lumpkins ... Beautiful ... Baby ... Contest ... Right ... to ... Life ... Wellsburg ... Applefest ... it ... only ... costs ... a ... quarter ... a ... vote ...

Was that subliminal or what?

Looking at the picture of Fatty Lumpkins and his goregous blue eyes I've got on my blog today, you might notice something. You might notice his upper lip doesn't look quite normal.

Fatty has a minor harelip and a partial cleft palate. He doesn't know; he's too small and beloved by all to realize that he looks different from the other babies.

When I look at Fatty Lumps, I see ...

 ... a tiny Michelin Man, all fat and healthy.

 ... the kid who can't wait for Aunt Sum to pick him up right now!

 ... the baby who started walking at ten months.

 ... my squeezy-peezy-porridge-and-eggs-over-easy.

 ... the baby who steals my sunglasses every chance he gets.

 ... the baby who goes "pappappappappappappap" at any urging.

 ... the child who loves chocolate and ice cream and anything he shouldn't eat.

 ... the child who is always making a break for the bathroom, because there's got to be something interesting in there.

 ... one of the most cuddled, coddled and photographed children I know.

 ... the kid who've we've got to keep away from any container, from purses to trash cans.

 ... one of the happiest children I know.

 ... my Fatty Lumpkins.

I don't see the harelip. I see a child I love like one of my own. And, in the years to come, I hope other people will see past it, too, because it's such a small part of who he is that it's irrelvant.


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Now that's blue! Look at those eyes! Remember: Aiden Hendrickson for Beautiful Baby 2008!