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Mid-Week Blog

October 15, 2008 - Summer Wallace-Minger

I'm supposed to be blogging each week, I haven't yet and I'm over here at the other building waiting on something, so I might as well do a quick blog and make whoever cares about these blogs -- all 10 of you -- happy.

So, anyway, I'm picking up my daughter on Friday afternoon. She comes running up to the car and before she even gets in, she asks me: "Do you know how to fix a broken relationship?"

My jaw was in my lap. Keep in mind this child is nine years old. Boys still have cooties, right? Right? Someone please tell me boys still have cooties at this age!

After a few minutes of wrangling, I learned that she wasn't in a relationship, it was someone else who will be nameless to protect their privacy.

(Yeah, okay, I guess it's not so private, but I'm still not naming the person. Besides, my daughter was asking for relationship advice from all the adults she saw that day, including her teachers. Teachers, if you are reading this -- and I sorta hope you aren't, but if you are -- it wasn't her, okay?)

Apparently, Little Boy wanted to play a game instead of hanging out with Little Girl. I wryly told my daughter to get used to it, because males always will be more interested in games than the females in their lives, but once the game ends, their interest in their female friends will return.

She very seriously told me that they "really weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, just friends. They just call each other boyfriend and girlfriend." It's a perfect guy relationship -- there's one, but there's not. Just when it's convenient for them.

But what do I know? I've been with the same guy since I was eighteen. I am not exactly an expert in relationship, especially since my only pre-teen relationship resulted in my boyfriend trading me for a Matchbox car.

Men, they can't help showing their true colors, even at an early age.


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