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More than meets the eye

January 8, 2009 - Summer Wallace-Minger

Let me tell you about these toys -- Transformers.

My son likes the new animated series that was launched following the release of the big-budget picture based on ... the animated series of the 80s, which I can remember watching with my little brother.

Of course, THAT animated series (the one in the 80s) was a marketing ploy by Hasbro to sell a new line of toys that transformed from robots into innocent-looking vehicles.

Well, I can't remember the toys of yore, if we even had any, but Santa left a good deal of Transformers at our house this year. (Except my personal favorite, Starscream. He's awesome. Don't ask why; he just is. My son and I jump up and down when he appears in the movie.)

Transformers are VERY HARD to transform. I've got legs and arms and heads flying everywhere, because they pop off if you breathe hard on them. And they have got to be bent and twisted into shapes that no thinking being should be twisted into. It's cruel.

And, is Optimus Prime a fire truck or a semi tractor trailer? I am confused. I thought he was a fire truck, but he's a truck in the movie.

When did Megatron get fangs? I mean, he's a robot, right? Is it just to make him look scarier? Because the dude is, like, 40 feet tall. I'd be pretty scared right there. Especially when he starts talking termination.

Who is this transformer who is the totally sweet and awesome Dodge Charger police edition? I'd buy that one. Do we really think that a Camaro (Bumblebee) can beat a Charger? I mean, seriously!

I like the Decepticons better, but that's just me. I think I'm the only one to ever get excited and ask the Evil Queen for an autograph at Disney World


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