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Joy at the sight of some sidewalks

March 15, 2015 It’s amazing what joy the sight of a sidewalk can bring. more »»

Youth were ‘cookin’ at Iron Chef Clinic

March 15, 2015 Learning to cream butter and sugar together, adding wet and dry ingredients in small amounts, incorporating it together and knowing the correct temperature to set a oven are important lessons in the... more »»

I won’t take all the blame this time

March 14, 2015 My ability to get lost is legendary. So legendary that I once tried to drive from Wintersville, Ohio, to Rayland, Ohio, and ended up somewhere just south of Cleveland. more »»

It’s been a quiet election season locally

March 8, 2015 We’re about a month away from the municipal primaries in several of our communities. more »»

God should be our top priority

March 8, 2015 A good question to ask ourselves, especially during the Lenten season, is this: "Are we first asking God to help prioritize our days and our time schedules — or are we just sort of muddling along... more »»

I promise to dance if you play ...

March 8, 2015 Any time a wedding invitation makes its way to the Kiaski mailbox, it’s occasion for calendar happiness in my book. more »»

Noting the passing of special people

March 8, 2015 I don’t know of a month when so many people I have felt a great fondness for have died. There was Eunice Christian of Smithfield, Lilly Bressler of Steubenville and Kevin Torok of Bradle. more »»

I may have to watch my mouth

March 7, 2015 I curse. A little bit? Mostly during hockey games? Well ... More than a little? Primarily during hockey games? OK. A lot. All the time. I’m a terrible person with an even worse vocabulary. more »»

Is that sunlight peeking from the clouds?

March 1, 2015 It’s been a long, cold winter. Despite the fact that it is now March, it doesn’t feel as if there is any end in sight. more »»

Running on empty

March 1, 2015 Matthew 25:1-13 teaches us the life lesson of the 10 virgins. Five were foolish and five were wise as described in verses 2-4 of our text, "Five of them were foolish, and five were prudent. more »»

Countertop sports odd ‘centerpieces’

March 1, 2015 We seem to have odd things end up as “centerpieces” on the kitchen island. I am both part of the problem and a frustrated part of the solution. more »»

Recalling snow stories of years past

March 1, 2015 Today is the first day of March, the day that determines if we will have weather like a lamb for most of the month or like a lion. more »»

A flood of epic proportions

February 28, 2015 I walked in the house and immediately wanted to turn around and walk back out again. My Sassy Saint rushed back and forth, ferrying wet towels to the washer. more »»

Good news: The brain is working OK

February 22, 2015 I glanced over at Better Half and asked him flat out, “Do you think your brain might not be working right?” He laughed a sincere laugh that I haven’t really heard in a while, not since winter settle... more »»

Half-way through the session

February 22, 2015 The West Virginia Legislature has made it to the half-way point of this year’s regular session. more »»

‘Once of the biggest miracles’ around

February 22, 2015 “Don’t quit” sounds like a slogan from a coach during half time of a losing game, while “always use seatbelts” and “use precautions in the car or it can turn out bad” sound like a driving instructor... more »»

There’s a kitty-cat conspiracy

February 21, 2015 The kittens are conspiring against me. At least, Fuzz Bucket is. more »»

The divergence of journalism

February 15, 2015 The last week has brought a lot of attention to certain members of the media, for better or for worse. It has highlighted some great disparities in the business. more »»

The elephant in the room

February 15, 2015 According to an Internet article, "Elephant in the room" or "Elephant in the living room" is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddresse. more »»

A week that brought happy moments

February 15, 2015 There were a lot of things about this past week that brought me happy moments. I felt happy, for instance, when I saw the ground void of snow and appreciated the fact that I don’t live in Boston. more »»

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