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The budgets are only going to get tighter

March 29, 2015 Our local governments have been facing deadlines in recent weeks to submit their budgets to the state, budgets which, quite frankly, have seen better days. more »»

Striving to become a ‘true son’

March 29, 2015 One of the Apostle Paul's helpers was a man named Titus. He refers to him as, "my true son in our common faith. more »»

Off and running, lipstick or no lipstick

March 29, 2015 I am 56. My sister Cathy is 66. We made a pact that in 2015, the good Lord willing, we would return to participate in the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic, a 1. more »»

Present-day event, olden-day memories

March 29, 2015 Have you ever had an incident occur that took you back to something in your childhood? It could be something good, bad, funny or sad, but for a short time you are back in the days of your youth. more »»

The difference between then and now

March 28, 2015 I'm still in touch with my best friend from middle and high school. To hear her tell it, I sat beside her at lunch one day and announced she was coming to a party I was having that weekend. more »»

Weirton celebrates its rich heritage

March 22, 2015 On Saturday, for the seventh consecutive year, Weirton celebrated its cultural heritage with the Festival of Nations at the Millsop Community Center. more »»

Spring cleaning with God

March 22, 2015 Allow me to share some good news with you: "Sring has finally arrived!" Soon we will stop hearing threats against a groundhog, who has nothing to do with the weather. more »»

I don’t always respond to the memo

March 22, 2015 I didn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s not because I forgot. It’s mainly because I have never quite wrapped my brain around wearing certain colors for certain occasions. more »»

Cadiz Business Association gives awards

March 22, 2015 For 17 years, the Cadiz Business Association has been honoring individuals, organizations and businesses for their selfless work toward making the community a better place and the people a... more »»

Motherly arguments and hockey talk

March 21, 2015 My mother can argue over anything. Last week, she argued with me over a salad that she wasn't eating. (She graciously did allow me to purchase and eat said salad. Eventuall. more »»

Open government is good government

March 15, 2015 Today marks the beginning of Sunshine Week. Now, for those who aren’t familiar, Sunshine Week isn’t a celebration of the beginning of spring and warmer temperatures. more »»

Joy at the sight of some sidewalks

March 15, 2015 It’s amazing what joy the sight of a sidewalk can bring. more »»

Youth were ‘cookin’ at Iron Chef Clinic

March 15, 2015 Learning to cream butter and sugar together, adding wet and dry ingredients in small amounts, incorporating it together and knowing the correct temperature to set a oven are important lessons in the... more »»

I won’t take all the blame this time

March 14, 2015 My ability to get lost is legendary. So legendary that I once tried to drive from Wintersville, Ohio, to Rayland, Ohio, and ended up somewhere just south of Cleveland. more »»

It’s been a quiet election season locally

March 8, 2015 We’re about a month away from the municipal primaries in several of our communities. more »»

God should be our top priority

March 8, 2015 A good question to ask ourselves, especially during the Lenten season, is this: "Are we first asking God to help prioritize our days and our time schedules — or are we just sort of muddling along... more »»

I promise to dance if you play ...

March 8, 2015 Any time a wedding invitation makes its way to the Kiaski mailbox, it’s occasion for calendar happiness in my book. more »»

Noting the passing of special people

March 8, 2015 I don’t know of a month when so many people I have felt a great fondness for have died. There was Eunice Christian of Smithfield, Lilly Bressler of Steubenville and Kevin Torok of Bradle. more »»

I may have to watch my mouth

March 7, 2015 I curse. A little bit? Mostly during hockey games? Well ... More than a little? Primarily during hockey games? OK. A lot. All the time. I’m a terrible person with an even worse vocabulary. more »»

Is that sunlight peeking from the clouds?

March 1, 2015 It’s been a long, cold winter. Despite the fact that it is now March, it doesn’t feel as if there is any end in sight. more »»

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