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I am betrayed in the battle of the lights

December 13, 2014 It was time to put up the Christmas tree again, which meant it also was time to deflect the yearly recitation of our Christmas tree’s flaws from the Long Suffering Husband. more »»

Dead sweeper sucks the joy out of the day

December 7, 2014 If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought my sweeper was imitating me cooking. After all, I smelled something burning. more »»

Cherish our veterans’ memories

December 7, 2014 Seventy-three years ago today, our nation experienced one of its most defining moment. more »»

A potpourri column for you today

December 7, 2014 I’m calling this my potpourri column, as I have snippets of information from my travels over the past month that I think would be interesting to the people concerned. more »»

Keep up the battle against the enemy

December 7, 2014 Dec. 7, 1941 “ ... a day that will live in infamy.” These words by President Roosevelt expressed the actions of an enemy that tried so valiantly to destroy our country. more »»

The kittens pull a disappearing act

December 6, 2014 As regular readers may know, my daughter the Sassy Saint and my son the Little Professor each became responsible for a kitten in October. These kittens adore the Long Suffering Husband. more »»

We still need to see diversification

November 30, 2014 Our state traditionally is known for its work in some of the more labor-intensive industries. more »»

Do you give thanks throughout the year?

November 30, 2014 Have you ever gone out of your way and done something above and beyond the call of duty and you never got a simple "Thank you?" You begin to feel used and you say to yourself, "That will be the last... more »»

How an ‘I’ project becomes a ‘we’ thing

November 30, 2014 This is a story about how an “I” project becomes a “we” project that ultimately is a husband-goes-it-alone undertaking. You know how it is around holidays. more »»

Appreciation for district volunteers

November 30, 2014 The Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District depends on volunteers to assist with education and outreach in saving resources that are the fuel of life in agriculture and conservation, so... more »»

Holiday baking brings us together

November 29, 2014 I go over to Grandmama's to bake for a variety of reasons, but mostly because my kitchen stays clean and she's got a better spice rack. Also, we have a lot of fun. more »»

Be thankful for small businesses

November 29, 2014 This week as we gather to give thanks this holiday season, many across the Mountain State are also preparing for the hustle and bustle of the biggest shopping days of the year. more »»

‘Warm’ thoughts for a Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2014 Where’s a hot flash when you could use one? By the time this column runs, the weather will have improved some — I hope — but earlier this week, it was a case of way too much winter weather way too... more »»

Parades, trees and other festivities

November 23, 2014 Santa Claus and the Nativity are set up in front of the Millsop Community Center in Weirton. more »»

Thoughts on this and that this week

November 23, 2014 I’m sure many readers are tired of me saying that I meet many great people when I am out and about during working hours and then on my own time. more »»

Squanto: A man of faith in the Pilgrims’ time of need

November 23, 2014 (This is a reprint of a sermon from 2013. With Thanksgiving close, I thought it fitting to have it published again this week. more »»

My (lack of) holiday organization

November 22, 2014 I'm not exactly organized. It's not so much that I don't have the organization skills, I just don't have the time. My time-management skills do leave a lot to be desired. more »»

Appreciating the gift that Tuesday was

November 16, 2014 Tuesday was a gift. As it so happened, it was a day off, and sometimes a weekday off is even sweeter than a weekend. more »»

Christmas is just around the corner

November 16, 2014 With the exception of the recent downturn in our local temperatures, it doesn’t seem as if Christmas is coming up. Looking at the calendar, though, we’re only a little more than a month away. more »»

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