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A look outside needed at Secret Service

December 27, 2014 Unless the Secret Service is shaken up at the very top, the agency charged with protecting the president and other top officials will not correct problems that threaten its mission, an investigation... more »»

Understanding will lead to progress

December 26, 2014 The violence of our culture is spilling over into the racial divide in a way unseen, perhaps, since the years of riots and assassinations of the late 1960s. more »»

Merry Christmas, Ohio Valley

December 25, 2014 The simple greeting, "Merry Christmas," has been the subject of one of the biggest battles society in general has faced in recent years. more »»

Yes, Virginia ...

December 24, 2014 The name Francis Pharcellus Church stands behind words penned that capture the secular spirit of Christmas and the joy and magic on the faces of children at this time of year. more »»

Pitting economics against politics

December 23, 2014 The simple economic rules of supply and demand often get stood on their head when it comes to oil prices. more »»

Enjoy the lights of the Christmas season

December 22, 2014 This would be a dark place this time of year if it weren’t for the creative and often competitive spirit of homeowners and businesses who work to bring the spirit of the holiday season to light. more »»

We’re all affected by hacking scandal

December 21, 2014 Every business in the nation should consider itself harmed by Sony's hack. Or, more correctly, by Sony’s response to the hack. more »»

‘Palcohol’ a dangerous idea

December 20, 2014 If energy drinks in the wrong hands cause medical issues, we cannot fathom the damage that awaits in a world where powdered alcohol is readily available. more »»

Think carefully before giving pets as gifts

December 19, 2014 This time of the year adorable pets are a common sight at area shopping malls and pet supply stores, as well as on social media sites. more »»

Disputes need to stop in Chester

December 18, 2014 The disputes between members of Chester City Council and the city's mayor continue, and, judging by their most recent meeting, it appears these issues won't be ending anytime soon. more »»

A category we don’t want to lead

December 17, 2014 West Virginia often is noted for its low ranking in a variety of categories, with surveys citing a lack of development, slow economy and opportunities. more »»

West Virginia voters expect change

December 16, 2014 Hearing that both Republican and Democrat members of the state Legislature do not intend to let political partisanship produce gridlock like that sometimes seen in Washington probably came as no... more »»

Good news of giving gratefully received during holidays

December 15, 2014 Over the past few months, the news has been full of interactions between police and civilians that have gone disastrously wron. more »»

State should fund TS&T site improvements

December 14, 2014 It would make sense for the federal government to approve a grant to complete the cleanup of the old TS&T pottery site in northern Hancock County. The Business Development Corp. more »»

Be safe this holiday: Don’t drink and drive

December 13, 2014 The holiday season is in full swing and it is a good time to think about parties and drinking and driving. In the weeks ahead, there will be parties and gatherings to attend. more »»

John Brown leaves a big pair of shoes to fill at BHJ

December 12, 2014 With the changing of the guard at the Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission comes what we believe to be a big pair of shoes to fil. more »»

Upper Ohio Valley volunteers are area’s backbone

December 11, 2014 Volunteering in and around our communities knows no deadlines. There’s no cutoff time or day when it just stops, and for that we are truly grateful. more »»

Politicians endanger Americans by playing transparency game

December 10, 2014 The report on the CIA’s interrogation techniques going back through the post Sept. 11, 2001, period offers some stark and scary details of what amounts to torture in the name of interrogation. more »»

Orion success recalls Apollo’s triumphs, travails

December 9, 2014 On Dec. 7, 1972, came the last launch of a vehicle by human beings that went beyond low-earth orbit. more »»

Think about what you have for others

December 8, 2014 We are staring at the gift-giving season squarely in the face. more »»

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