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Remembering miracles

April 12, 2014 To the editor: The believers of the Old Testament spoke of God’s mighty works. They remembered the miracles and the faithfulness of God. Paul wrote, “I know in whom I believe. more »»

Residents can’t afford increase

April 12, 2014 To the editor: I understand the Edison Local School District needs more money, but the elderly can’t afford a big tax increase. more »»

Charity Hospice thanks volunteers

April 12, 2014 To the editor: Charity Hospice would like to thank all of past and present volunteers. Being a volunteer is truly a selfless act of kindness. more »»

Ban a win-win for health of all

April 12, 2014 To the editor: The Constitution and cancer: A Hancock County-wide ban on smoking with no exceptions is up for debate. more »»

Keep indoor air clean

April 6, 2014 To the Editor, The Hancock County CIA Regulation passed in 1999 was a good beginning to preventing second-hand smoke exposure. more »»

Learn how to truly love

April 6, 2014 To the Editor, As I read last Sunday's letter "A Change of heart is needed," I had to go back and read Rob Denham's original letter. more »»

How many truly give?

April 6, 2014 To the Editor, In response to the letter from Sharon Davis Green ("A change of heart is needed," March 30) Where In the Bible does Jesus go to the Roman government and ask the government to force... more »»

Looking for a different view

April 6, 2014 To the Editor, I read your paper seven days a week. I also read other papers and watch eight or nine news channel. more »»

Indian Creek performance lauded

April 6, 2014 To the editor: My wife, Elaine, and I would like to thank the Indian Creek High School Jazz Band for its great performance on March 23 at the Fort Steuben Mall. more »»

Faith can help lead us

April 6, 2014 To the editor: During the past month, the news has often been full of stories of crime and horror. more »»

CDI fundraiser a success

April 6, 2014 To the editor: I want to extend a note of thanks to all who made the first Cancer Dietary Initiative Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser a fantastic success. more »»

Get uncollected fees first

April 6, 2014 To the editor: There is no doubt as to the need to renew our water distribution system. The problem I have is that the collection of past due water fees was dropped like a hot potat. more »»

Every day looks better

April 6, 2014 To the editor: Our family is very fortunate today because of all the numerous people in the United States. My wife, Anna Marie, became critically ill on the evening of Jan. 5. more »»

Departments earn thanks

April 6, 2014 To the editor: As chief of the Toronto Fire Department, I have the opportunity and honor of working with some of the best people in the emergency services business. more »»

What about secondhand smoke?

April 6, 2014 To the editor: In my lifetime, I have read in a lot of obituaries that men and women have died from secondhand drugs or secondhand alcohol, but I have never read one where the cause of death was... more »»

Work toward healthy future

April 6, 2014 To the editor: The children and teens of today are our hope for tomorro. more »»

Protect our insurance

March 30, 2014 To the Editor, Like millions of other senior citizens and people with disabilities in the U.S., I have a health insurance plan through the Medicare Advantage program. more »»

A change of heart is needed

March 30, 2014 To the Editor, I would advise Rob Denham to go back to his Bible and read more of what it and Jesus have to say about charity. more »»

Keeping everyone afraid

March 30, 2014 To the Editor, Just a thought. There's been a fear factor throughout history to keep the populace in fear of its own shadow. Vampires, Balkans and eastern Europe, 1800s. more »»

Week honors volunteers

March 30, 2014 To the editor: National Volunteer Week, April 6-12, is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in service to their community. more »»

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