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Elizabeth Warren a good choice

January 18, 2015 To the Editor, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., siad it best last week — "The system is rigged." The populist senator is a leading candidate for the Democractic presidential nominatio. more »»

Thank you, sanitation employees

January 11, 2015 To the Editor, I am taking a moment to thank the employees of the City of Weirton Sanitation Department. more »»

Give meaning to what we make

January 11, 2015 To the Editor, There was an article in Wired magazine earlier in 2014 about how a library was transformed from a series of bookcases of old books into a makerspac. more »»

Student participation in essay contests appreciated

January 11, 2015 To the Editor, I would like to say thank you to the St. Paul School sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students for entering the Patriot Pen contest. more »»

Liberals like the bad boys, and girls

January 11, 2015 To the Editor, So here we are in 2015, and the race is beginning. We only have almost two years in which to choose our next president. Like Christmas, it seems it gets earlier every time. more »»

Better cancer treatments needed

January 11, 2015 To the Editor, Cancer research 101. Cancer is essentially a disease where cells reproduce too much and refuse to di. more »»

We have great citizens

January 11, 2015 To the Editor, I volunteer year round at the Salvation Army and the months of November and December are the busiest months of the yea. more »»

Ready to begin the campaign

January 4, 2015 To the Editor, My wife, Chris, and I are vested in this city we call home, and all three of our children, Jason and Lynn, Jeff and Karla and Deena Tomshack and Andrew, along with our six... more »»

Gay marriage issue should be up to the people, not the courts

January 4, 2015 To the Editor, Montani Semper Liberi. With the judicial imposition of homosexual marriage it can be argued we Mountaineers are less free. more »»

Ready to begin

December 28, 2014 To the Editor, As the New Year approaches and the start of the legislative session looms I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who voted for me in the Nov. 4 election. more »»

Brooke County steps up to help

December 28, 2014 To the Editor, Thank you, Brooke County. Know that you made children smile this Christmas. more »»

Putin, the budget and the economy

December 28, 2014 To the Editor, My title for the following opinion piece would be "The good, the bad and the ugly." The good: Let's begin with comments made by Republican leadership just a few short months ago. more »»

A few thoughts as the year ends

December 28, 2014 To the Editor, Some random thoughts: • To those locked in any cult, start the new year with independent thought. more »»

Boys, Girls Club thankful for support

December 21, 2014 To the Editor, Since we will be dissolving our Boys and Girls Club of Weirton effective Dec. more »»

Christmas Eve will be special

December 21, 2014 To the Editor, When night falls on Christmas Eve, residents of Weirton should look to Marland Heights to light up the nigh. more »»

We need to get back to sharing

December 21, 2014 To the Editor, Christmas seems like a good time to explain why we share. The common ancestor we all share could read minds or understand another's intentions when competing for things like food. more »»

Taxes are nothing but a protection racket

December 14, 2014 To the Editor, The old protection racket works like this: Thugs, working alone or acting as agents of organized crime, demand payment for “protection” against destruction of your property or assault... more »»

Please remember to keep Christ in Christmas

December 14, 2014 To the Editor, Christmas is almost here. It is a time to remember the birth of Jesus. If you take Christ out of Christmas there is no meaning to the word Christmas. more »»

Christianity isn’t on the wane; hell is un-Biblical

December 14, 2014 To the Editor, Sermon Sunday: Some say Christianity is on the wane in America. That thought only comes from the folks who can’t get their way with the transition in the world of Christianity. more »»

Veteran’s experience makes him ashamed of companies

December 14, 2014 To the Editor, I thought I’d write on my veteran’s experience. I am a retired U.S. Army veteran, with previous Air Force regular active duty time, as well. more »»

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