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Assault continues on Second Amendment

March 30, 2013

To the editor: The assault on the Second Amendment continues, as the American left does its level best to subtly erode the right to bear arms, endlessly calling for “sensible” gun laws....

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Apr-01-13 12:07 PM

What has so many people concerned over gun laws is the slippery slope of what comes next. Throughout world history, when weapons are siezed, the government has done terrible autrocities to their own people.

The cities in America that have outlawed gun ownership have had horrible results. Lookk at Washington D.C. , Chicago, Detroit ect. Toughest gun control laws in America. Now the law abiding citizens are defenseless as the thugs do NOT obey laws in the first place. Common logic.

Notice the left wingers who rally against gun ownership owns weapons themselves. Jim Carry, Rosie O'Donell,Senators Chuck Schummer, Diane Fienstein, Jay Rockefeller.

Many people collect and use high caliper assault weapons for sporting competitions. More carnage has been done using fertilizer and kerosine. Loons will kill because they are unstable. Where are the committee in Congress on that?

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Mar-31-13 11:47 AM

Brainless, we are not a democracy and majority of the people do not rule. We are a Republic. Thank you founding fathers, you knew their would be crazies like this someday! Yes, you are a "nightmare", one society should fear. You do frighten me, more so than muslim radicals.

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Mar-30-13 8:45 PM

Brainless peice of s***? Typical NRA wacko. Anytime you want to debate im ready. You stupid delusional wind filled nut bag. Stick your assinine interpretation of some ancient antiquated document where the sun don't shine. PS. that same document allows reasonable people to make the changes needed to protect society from nut bags like you. So get ready to face your worst nightmare. Reasonable people making sane rules!

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Mar-30-13 5:11 PM

Wvcoffee, You are one of many liberal wackos out to destroy our Constitution, one brick at a time. what next, the First Amendment. Law abiding people do have their guns licensed and registered! Go to any gun dealer, whether at a gun shop, walmart or GUN SHOW and try to purchase a fire arm. See what is required of you. Where in the Second Amendment does it limit a person on how many rounds one can fire in a minute. Lucky for you brainless piece of s*** the NRA is looking out for you, trying to protect your Constitional rights. You best read your Constitution and Federalist papers and see what the founding fathers said about the purpose and intent was and is. The 2nd Amendment was created, to protect you from a tyranical government. It isn't there for hunting rights or how many rounds one can fire in a minute. But to stand up to a government that is against the will of the people.

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Mar-30-13 8:55 AM

You are delusional. Weapons need to be licensed and registered. Dear NRA wackos, we've been trying it your way. Your way isn't working. Still waiting to hear a resonable NRA response to 154 rounds in less than 5 minutes.

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