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Reader is against Barrack Obama

April 27, 2008
Weirton Daily Times
Reader is against

Barrack Obama

To the Editor,

Barrack Obama, since his smooth, foot-in-mouth move as he was rubbing knees and elbows among San Francisco’s super-duper-rich “intellectual” liberals last week, milking them for campaign dollars, I haven’t heard anyone mention his blatant religious hypocrisy.

Obama has claimed to be a devout Christian (and Second Amendment supporter); an active member of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s congregation.

Yet, there he was in Frisco, hobnobbing among the hardcore liberal, secular-humanist crowd, evoking derisive chuckles by condescendingly dismissing his “fellow” (my quotes) mainstream American Christians as “bitter” (his quotes) yokels who “cling” to “guns and religion” when things get tough. Also, as such lowbrow, superstitious, firearm-happy ignoramuses, we’re clearly too stupid to know what’s best for us— namely government—under his leadership, of course.

This misstep could cost him a lot of votes among us unwashed, unsophisticated rabble at which, it seems, he so contemptuously (and privately?) sneers; yet, whose votes he needs to win.

This is a “man behind the curtain” moment for him, and his supporters. If they’re willing to pull that curtain wide, take a closer look and expose him, and don’t just take the Wizard’s advice to simply “ignore that man”; essentially the advice he later gave in Pittsburgh.

Barrack Obama, at heart, is racist and anti-American; a radical-liberal elitist whose Illinois Legislature record shows 132 “not present” votes, meaning he had no opinion, or could reach no decision, on the issue at hand—even on subjects like partial-birth abortion—a horror that his “Christian” beliefs should find deeply, outrageously offensive.

During his Legislature term and this, his first, less-than-remarkable Senate term, Obama’s voting records trace extreme-liberal political beliefs perhaps easier associated with the American Communist Party rather than the Democrats, with whom he’s allied himself. Although, that particular political and philosophical boundary has lately become much harder to distinguish.

Would we seriously want this man as President? Especially in the middle of a war with a fanatical, vicious, treacherous people whose ultimate, stated goal is not merely our subjugation, but even our destruction?

The vocal Rev. Wright, Obama’s minister, shows extreme anti-white, anti-American anger and hate, the racism, the conspiracy nonsense and Marxist rhetoric. Although, Obama claims to somehow have missed all that, despite being such a longtime, energetic church member and close friend. Twenty years of Wright’s venomous hatred seems to have zipped, ineffectually, in one ear and out the other.

Let me mention that Senator Obama, whose campaign commercials proudly boast that he takes “no money from corporations or big oil,” snagged a reported 2 million dollars in Frisco from the Getty family; the Getty money comes from oil. Anyway, I’m perfectly sure that all the rest of the attending gazillionaires just woke up one morning, bank accounts bulging that way, none of them possibly represented big businesses, special-interests or wealthy foundations.

Time will tell if he is a true believer or an opportunistic deceiver.

Rob Denham, Follansbee

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