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No new math, sometimes numbers do not add up

March 22, 2010

I have loved math ever since I can remember.

If it wasn't for a geometry class I had to take when I was a sophomore, I would have majored in math (I know some of you wish I would have.)

I am pretty good with numbers and was astonished at some numbers I saw the other night when I saw the West Virginia all-tournament basketball teams determined by the media Saturday evening.

Parkersburg Catholic defeated Charleston Catholic by 11 points to win the Class A title.

Yet, Parkersburg Catholic got two players on the all-tournament team and Charleston got three.

Tucker County, a loser to Charleston Catholic, had two players on the team and Wheeling Central, defeated by Parkersburg Catholic, had one player.

Guess winning the championship means nothing.

In Class AA, Wyoming East played Oak Hill for the fifth time this season (more on that later.) Oak Hill, down 29-16 at one point, went on a 24-2 run and eventually won the state crown, 55-45.

Wyoming East had four players on the all-tournament team and Oak Hill had three. One player from Tug Valley rounded out the eight.

Really, four guys off the losing team?

Any mention of that 6-foot-8 kid from Weir High? That's the same kid the Oak Hill coach made sure he sandwiched on defense during Friday's semifinal.

If not L.J. Campbell, how about that Shawn Burns kid?

Really, four guys off the losing team?

Guess winning the championship means nothing.

Logan beat Wheeling Park for the third time this year to claim the Class AAA title.

Both teams had three guys on the all-tournament team, while Capital and South Charleston each had one player on it.

So, the teams that lost in the championship games had 10 players on the all-tournament teams and the teams that won had eight players.

Those numbers do not add up for me.

Guess winning the championship means nothing.

It doesn't take long for people to start bashing coaches for losing.

But, this is the age of message boards and people getting on them and saying whatever they want.

But, if you haven't the guts to say it to their faces, please shut up.

It's the fault of the coach if you:

Lose by 25

Win by 3 (because it should have been more)

Get outrebounded by 20

Go 14-for-27 from the free throw line

Why can't a loss be a loss because the other team was better?

It really is OK if the other team is better.

I know it's hard to understand sometimes, but coaches and kids are really giving it their best.

And, sometimes, that's not good enough.

Hey parents, if you are some sort of coach somewhere and you are not a big fan of other adults coming to you and whining about this and that regarding the team you coach, then I would believe you should not do that to the coach your kid plays for.

This weather had been great and I bet baseball coaches and players are thrilled to be outside, as are track athletes and tennis players.

You can only do so much in a gym, including running laps.

I find it amazing how parents cannot see how important cardiovascular exercises are to baseball players.

Last time I checked it takes some speed and strength to stretch a single into a double or a double into a triple.

It also takes just as much to go from first to third on a single to left, from second to home on a sharp single to center, or chase down a gapper to right-center to hold the batter to a long single or a short double.

The catcher has to run down the first base line on every out to first when a runner is not on base.

That takes stamina and endurance.

That means running is in order during practice.

It's OK if your kid comes home whipped because practice was brutal.

More numbers that don't add up.

Indian Creek senior Ty Harris was chosen an all-Ohio special mention basketball player for the third year in a row. She was a first team all-Eastern District player for those three years.

She was never given any good consideration by The Associated Press for anything higher because of her numbers. The fact that she is the consummate team player and would do anything to win and not pad her stats hurt her in that category.

You see, according to the AP people, it appears to me that averaging somewhere around seven points and six assists a game for a team winning 19 games a season means you are less of a player than someone averaging 22 a game.

I have talked to her on a number of occasions and she is happier going down on the block, blocking out someone that hitting a meaningless three.

She would rather throw that nice pass for an assist that jack a jumper just to make sure she has hit double digits.

She is an unselfish player and the poster child for a point guard.

Job well done, Ty.

Yep, I picked Kansas and my bracket is a mess.

Come on Cornell.

I would love to see a team ranked in the top 25 the last month of the season, yet have 44 teams seeded before them, smack Kentucky. And, I am guessing, so would many Mountaineer fans.

Was it just me or did Villanova receive the Larry Bird-Magic Johnson-Michael Jordan treatment in the second half of its overtime win over Robert Morris Thursday?

The Wildcats got what seemed like every call.

That work needs to go under the file ... "Upon further review ..."

Anyone really susprised Tiger's first tournament back is in Augusta?

(Mathison, a Weirton resident, is the sports editor of the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and can be contacted at

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