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Don’t forget about Ron Paul

May 6, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

There is a very heated race going on in the Republican primary right now, but you would not know it in the reporting by the mainstream media.

It is being reporting as if Mitt Romney has locked up the nomination already, which simply is not true. That same media is not reporting the huge turnouts of thousands at Ron Paul rally events all across the country, or the fact that Ron Paul has been gaining large amounts of delegates in many states during the past month and that he has won, yes won, five states, which is what he needed to secure his name being on the ballot at the RNC in Florida this summer.

This is a contested race, and Ron Paul is gaining momentum daily.

Ask yourself why the media is not covering this newsworthy information. Is the media trying to help sway the primary outcome? If so, why?

For proof of Ron Paul rally crowds, you can look at You Tube videos. To follow the latest updates and Ron Paul information, visit To learn more about Ron Paul and his platform, visit

The fact is that Romney can hardly draw 100 people to his events. Ron Paul draws thousands.

It is never over until it is over. Mitt Romney does not have 1,144 delegates, yet. Ron Paul is gaining on him, and fast.

Marie Hosdil


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