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A few gripes

September 9, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

We live in a world where life presents all of us with the bitter and the sweet. We learn to accept or disregard, but, at times, we become overwhelmed and want to shout. I'd like to share a few gripes that you can accept or disregard.

1. A while back a letter to the editor was titled "Anyone but Obama." How biased, narrow-minded and bigoted can some overly conservatives be? This same guy remarked once, "Hey people fall through the cracks, that's life." Wow! Sounds Romneyish.

2. I'm still disturbed with all that's been done to Joe Paterno, a man that's never treated any man, woman or child improperly.

He set a high standard for all kids and himself and when he heard of a scoundrel's actions he told his superiors. He didn't play monkey, don't see, hear or say, he told, yet he got fired, his statue torn down at PSU, all his hard fought for records out the window, ball player jersey changes doing away with team effort rather than individualism, simply wiping his existence making him a scapegoat. How dare we do this! Joe Paterno was good.

3. WVU has changed their football program. That's OK. It's their right. But to discontinue the Backyard Brawl with Pitt is simply outrageous. Can you imagine these games not being played: Ohio State/Michigan, Army/Navy, Steelers/Browns, USC/UCLA.


4. A Brooke County Fair schedule showed a lot of effort was put into events for a good time for kids and adults, but what spoils it for me is the five eating contests. Any one of them would be more than enough for me, but five? They scheduled a pie-eating, a pizza-eating, a hot dog eating, an ice cream eating and a watermelon eating contest. Can you believe it?

I also read that in Buffalo, N.Y. that at the National Buffalo Wing Festival, competitive eater Joey Chestnut has devoured a record 191 chicken wings in 12 minutes!

This kind of thing should be outlawed! Kids around the world starve and we waste. Shoving food in your mouth is disgusting and sinful, also dangerous.

Gag, gag, gag, yuk!

John Flara

New Cumberland

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