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Vote for Raese

September 23, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

West Virginians, we need to elect John Raese for US Senator.

On the crucial issue of the economy, Raese favors less government spending, taxes, borrowing and regulations. Instead, he is a strong proponent of removing the burdens from American businesses and allowing them to produce and create jobs, unfettered by stultifying regulations and prohibitive taxes.

As a highly successful businessman with interests in limestone, steel, broadcasting and tourism, Raese offers West Virginians hope for a brighter economic future. This includes an energy policy that emphasizes clean coal, natural gas and oil. Coal without the compromising strings attached by the Manchin/Obama axis that has resulted in the closure of over 90 West Virginia mines during Obama's tenure in office.

John Raese would unequivocally vote for a balanced budget amendment. One can expect strong opposition from Raese to the financial profligacy that in the past four years of Obama's failed presidency has amounted to $5 trillion of increased debt. On Obamacare, Raese has emphatically declared to vote for its repeal before this insidious legislation takes full effect, whose initial cost projections are now dwarfed according to latest estimates.

On immigration, Raese believes those desiring US citizenship, regardless of where they are from, must proceed through proper channels in order to obtain legal status.

Where does Manchin stand? Manchin has refused to tell where he stands on the festering problem of illegal immigration despite repeated requests to do so from Vote Smart, the national media and above all, his constituents.

And on smoking? Raese is strongly against a smoking ban. For those of you who enjoy lighting one up I advise you to carefully consider this. I still want to smoke my cigar in peace without being hounded by "do-gooders." Businesses like Puffer's Stuff in Weirton are being jerked around every day due to confounding legalese caused by these air sniffers.

Who will the tight lipped Joe Manchin vote for as president? My bet is that he'll vote for Obama despite the fact he studiously avoided the Dem's national convention. Let Joe's record speak for itself: he has voted nearly 90 percent of the time with Barack Obama. It is ridiculous for him to avoid his support of Obama.

On a personal level John Raese is neither humble nor arrogant. He makes no attempt to ingratiate himself with his listener, unlike his unctuous and dismissive opponent. Neither condescending nor patronizing, he speaks to you man to man.

John Raese is staunch pro-life conservative and the solutions he has to offer can do much to turn this nation around. This dynamic individual above all appreciates West Virginia values and has a keen sense of what to do to restore our country to sanity, now polarized as seldom seen before. If you, like me, are sick and tired of duplicitous, double talking politicians and are seeking clarity of vision and strength, vote for John Raese.

A vote for Manchin is giving support to Obama. Send a clear message to D.C. Elect John Raese this November.

Gail A. Wickstrom


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