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Don’t forget alleged victim

September 23, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

I think it's time we think of the alleged victim in the alleged rape case.

I heard a disturbing report that evidence was deleted. I would like to know how that is possible if the police or prosecuting attorney had the evidence. Anything that has been put on the Internet can be found, if you have the right person to find it. I can't believe that it's lost - I believe they are trying to cover it up.

Now, I am saying I haven't heard a word abut this poor girl and the hell she must be going through. As a victim of violent crime and rape, it's so hard to talk about it and so hard for people to understand, especially to have this all texted to several students, and allegedly put on YouTube and then taken down - this evidence is out there.

I feel for the parents of that child, I don't care if she was messed up or sober, the crime is against her, once again, you aren't telling the story from the victim's point of view. This is sad and prejudicial news. No one seems to care about that girl and how this ruined her life, how allegedly being exposed to the world, her classmates, her family, it's more than a crime, and it should be a top priority for our newspapers, television stations and online coverage.

I think in Steubenville everyone seems to fear something. Remember, this young women's life will be ruined, and I see the boys still being tried as juveniles who should be tried as adults. I would like to ask everyone in this town, if their son or their neighbor's son would have been tried as adults, would they have been named in the paper? Why not now?

Annette C. Kraina


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