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Thoughts on state Senate race

September 30, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

I am a fairly recent addition to the citizenry of West Virginia, by choice no less. The contrast from my former state is truly remarkable. From the deserts of Barry Goldwater to the hills of Bobby Byrd's West Virginia provides an interesting dichotomy but in many ways they both make me feel like family. Each state has a long history of essentially one party rule that is slowly changing into a generation of high quality candidates that blur traditional political linnes. Oh, there are the usual suspects in the legislative body who are mere puppets for the party in power. Many lack the fundamental ability to read, write or speak on proposed legislation. These political puppets are merely told to vote for this or that consistent with the party line.

One of the more interesting contrasts during the recent meet the candidates event in Weirton was between "young gun" Pat McGeehan and "long in the tooth" Jack Yost for an important state senate seat. Mr. Yost spoke first and presented a very impressive long list of his past accomplishments but little if any plans for the future. My first thoughts were he should be congratulated and honored for his dedication to our state, a richly deserved "atta boy." However, there comes a period in life when you know it's time to call it a career and turn the reigns over to the next generation. With all due respect to Mr. Yost, I believe he has reached this lofty crossroad and should step aside with justfiable pride of his service.

Young gun McGeehan, an Air Force Academy graduate who should be on a recruiting poster, presented a very compelling case for the future. He has experience as a member of the House of Delegates and possesses that balance of experience and wisdom along with the energy of youth that in my humble opinion, makes him the perfect choice. If you would like further insight into his vision for the future I suggest you pick up a copy of his latest book, "Printing Our Way to Poverty." This eye-opening view of our current financial dilemma touches on that all important topic of, jobs, jobs, jobs!

The good news is by the conclusion of the evening everyone rallied around the flag and shook hands realizing we are all Americans with similar goals facing an increasingly dangerous world. All in attendance deserved a standing ovation for having the internal fortitude and love of country to participate in the political process. God bless America.

Greg Baldt


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