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Who will stand up for you?

September 30, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

The letter that touched my heart so deeply was one written by Randall M. Sims ("One nation, under God," Sept. 23.) He said it all. We are the "voice of the unborn," but will have to be the strength of our older loved ones, too.

I applaud such letters as this and also the letters of Barry Bardone, Ed Bednar and Merica Petrella. All of them show how much they care about important issues in the lives of all Americans. They are our freedom fighters. They stand up for justice.

I also think about all of the brave young men and women who fought through all of the wars or conflicts so that we might live with freedom.

I watch the stories of firefighters and members of police agencies who protect us so we can feel the security of freedom. They, too, stand for justice, as do all of the past presidents who assured us of "one nation, under God" as we pledged our allegiance to the flag of our country.

My favorite part of the Constitution in the First Amendment is the freedom of speech and being allowed to voice our beliefs when something bothers us in life - mainly, death, and a forced demise.

I feel that destroying the smallest of human beings is as deplorable as the destruction of an older person who has lived through many years of wisdom and sacrifice.

I so strongly disagree that coerced, assisted suicide or euthanasia should be the law of the land.

Three of our states are already opting to set clinics in operation with another practice. What words can ever replace the lives that have been ended during the last 40 years?

How did it happen, and why? The youngest and the oldest will become the targets of such a heartless choice of removal? It is the innocents and the oldest angels who deserve our greatest love.

How far will the freedom of choice be taken?

Would my husband have been chosen because he had a diseased heart? Would my father have been removed as cancer spread through his body? Would they have chosen my mother because she suffered from dementia?

How many have family members with the same illnesses? My family left this Earth holding the hand of God. How many will leave, forcibly, holding the hand of a doctor who forgot his medical oath?

When do we chose to understand the difference between "freedom of" and "destruction of?"

What authority will decide who will go and who will stay? What kind of freedom is it that will allow the lives of human beings to be stopped by deciding they are no longer wanted or needed.

Who will take grandma -will it be the needle, the knife or the same procedure that took the lives of so many of the unborn angels?

What goes around, comes around. Who will stand up for you?

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork

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