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My right to choose matters

October 7, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Recently I have read several letters condemning abortion and feel that your readers should hear valid points from both sides of this issue.

We have all heard of the many incidences of babies being thrown away or even killed by the mother almost immediately after birth. Many of the incidents are a direct result of what pro-choice advocates have accomplished thus far. Mandatory reporting laws in cases of supposed abortion leave young girls with nowhere to turn and little choice going forward. When you back an overly emotional pregnant teenager into a corner, this is exactly the type of behaviors you will see as evident by the hundreds of thousands of young girls who have done exactly this or something very similar. With an abortion a "baby" is not being killed, a fetus is quelled from being able to develop into a baby.

We also have women and young girls who are victims of rape who the government nor anyone else has the right to further victimize by making them carry their attackers' child full term. Each day of the pregnancy would be a constant reminder of the ordeal they survived and would ultimately leave deep emotional scars any female would spend a lifetime trying to overcome. Overcoming the emotional scars left by an attack of this nature alone is enough to put on any woman's shoulders without adding to it. No woman asks to be a victim and unless you know what it's like to be held down and helplessly violated you have no right to tell a victim they have to carry and give birth to their attackers' child.

Further, many pro-life advocates argument against abortion rests solely on the Bible, however we have a separation of church and state which makes their argument invalid as well as irrelevant.

I readily agree that the abuse of abortion by some women who have had multiple abortions as a form of birth control is sinister to say the least, however you cannot violate every woman's constitutional right to choose because there are a few morally deficient women out there. With anything on this earth there will always be that socially inept group of people that will abuse any and every situation in any way they can.

I ask of those people who oppose abortion, what gives them the right to step into a woman's life and tell her what she has to do without knowing any of the facts concerning said woman or her situation? Every woman's story, life and situation is unique. You're awfully naive to think the issue of abortion is that cut and dry to impose a blanket restriction on all women in all situations.

Megan Hale


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