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Vote Obama, Democrats

October 7, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

I am concerned about all this political rhetoric. It's accusatory, innuendo, misrepresentation, falsification or just plain bunk. The main theme is to blame Obama.

For instance, Michelle Malkin, a conservative editorialist, blames Obama for between 2,000 and 3,000 deaths. Why? Obama increased fuel efficiency standards. She doesn't mention driver indiscretions, texting, etc. Just blame Obama - give me a break.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan accuse Obama of slashing $700 billion from Medicare. The truth is that those reductions are to the providers, and some screenings will now be free. These reductions are identical to those in the Ryan budget.

The Ryan budget has been declared immoral by some religious leaders because it attempts to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and working class, while leaving tax cuts to the wealthy untouched. The Ryan budget even seeks to increase those tax cuts. The Republicans have adopted a policy of greed - Robin Hood in reverse.

The Republicans in Congress have consistently voted against the workers. For example, the Democrats proposed the extension of unemployment benefits. The Republicans said no, unless the wealthy get tax cuts. It didn't concern them that members of their own party needed those extensions. Another is the debt limit debate. The debt situation would have caused problems for ordinary citizens. But the Republicans, who profess a love of country, would allow our country to face ridicule and scorn in exchange for tax cuts for the wealthy. I am glad Obama relented. Obama saved America's reputation in the eyes of the world.

The economy has received a lot of attention. Everyone understands we exist in a global economy, but this, I believe, is a unique situation.

Residents of the United States can't grasp the implications and impact of how enforced austerity programs in Europe affect our economy. Exports accounted for $637 billion to European countries. American companies hesitate to employ people because of dire developments in the European countries. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy have accepted austerity programs. Obama can't be held responsible for the jobs lost because of the austerity programs. But, the Republicans will attempt to make you believe he is.

The economy and jobs would have rebounded more quickly if everyone worked together. But, the Republicans used every delaying tactic to obstruct every jobs bill the Democrats proposed. Even the stimulus bill contained $390 billion in tax cuts, mostly for the rich, just to satisfy the Republicans. Imagine holding the working class hostage because of tax cuts for the wealthy. Do they need the money that bad?

The Republican game plan is to delay, obstruct and disrupt the business of government while criticizing Obama for not correcting problems in the economy or reducing unemployment. Republicans wish to keep people on their knees so that their attacks might help Romney get elected. In my opinion, it isn't going to work. The people know, or should know, better.

Go vote. Vote Obama and the Democrats, the party the supports the working class. God bless America.

Louis Tripodi


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