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We need balance

October 14, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Historically, nations became super powers by first becoming economically wealthy through trade. It is no different today. China is well on its way to becoming a super power because it has become the manufacturing behemoth of the world.

The United States has rationalized two foreign military interventions (Iraq and Afghanistan) in the last decade at a cost of over a trillion dollars for our nation's security. During the same period we borrowed that amount from China as well as bought considerably more from them than they bought from us. We are giving them our economy's life blood at a rate far greater than they reciprocate. And we have been doing so for decades under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Obviously, we cannot sustain that imbalance and expect to remain a super power. In addition to China's production capacity and industriousness, she has no qualms about obtaining our technology, military and otherwise, through cyber stealth. It won't be long before China, like the United States for the last century, will exert its influence around the world backed by a military might that is being financed through trade with the United States.

We need jobs in order to be productive as a people. We need people working in order to pay taxes to finance our government. Does it not make more sense to give our economic life blood to our own people? That can only come from a balanced trade policy.

I believe it much wiser to deal with China now through tariffs and not 10 years down the road when she will be stronger and more apt to respond militarily.

Blaise Hogan


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