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Raese needed in Senate

October 21, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

An engine needs fuel to run vibrantly. It must always be replenished and its moving parts kept oiled. It must not be allowed to stop or idle for long. Its throbbing must resonate and must be heard as it courses the nation, purveying goods and services to all the inhabitants of the land.

That engine is no longer healthy. The engineers now setting its pace, lubricating its parts and replenishing its fuel have failed us. Men without vision have slowed the pace and have tinkered with vital parts, causing the engine to slow and sputter. Men who offer nothing but blandishments and abject homage to political parties at the cost of keeping the engine running smoothly.

That engine is our economy.

John Raese pays homage to no man or political party. He does not compromise his principles. His help is urgently needed to get the engine running properly again.

Citizens of West Virginia, wake up. Vote for John Raese as your new US Senator in this critical election.

Gail A. Wickstrom


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