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Democrats make things better

October 21, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

The Republican Party wants you to work for the least amount of money and benefits. You worked hard for them for many years and you think everything is going well, and all of a sudden they tell you they are sending your job overseas, where they have no regulations, no unions, no vacation or sick days to pay, etc. Also, the corporation will get a tax break.

The CEO will get a bigger bonus, and the extra money they will get won't go to creating jobs - they just sent them overseas. You have to go back to school to get into another field. After school, if you are lucky enough to get another job, it pays less and you have to pay back the loan. Then someone comes in and says we're sending your job overseas. Now you have to start over again, go to school and look for another job.

We can't let the rich buy this country. Don't let the rich run this country, because it's our country, too.

Don't let this country go backward. We need to go forward and the middle class will benefit. We are productive members of society, too. If you don't make $300,000 a year, you should vote for all Democrats.

Don't vote against yourself - you will need Social Security, Medicare or even Medicaid. We aren't freeloaders. The Republicans are the only people who say Social Security and Medicare won't be there. The reason they say that is if they put Mitt Romney in office, he will get rid of them.

They're telling you what they will really do to us in advance. The Republican Party will do anything to put money into its pockets.

Look at Romney, he is all over the place, saying anything to get into office.

In one speech he says one thing, in the next one he changes his mind. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you shouldn't be voting. Romney is for the rich. There is too big of a gap between the rich and middle class. If Romney gets in, it will be increased.

I still would like to see Romney's taxes for the last 10 years. What is he hiding? Who is the real Mitt Romney?

Remember that Barack Obama has averted the greatest financial crisis since the Depression and has the country going in the right direction. It just takes time to finish it.

The Republican-controlled House needed to say yes to some of Obama's legislation.

Vote for Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Sherrod Brown, Lou Gentile, Steve Vukelic, Charlie Wilson and other Democrats who have the interests of the middle class in mind.

Lee McFadden


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