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Who do you trust?

October 28, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

Romney is a severe conservative when he needs to be. He is a moderate when it suits his purposes. He is also a liberal when the wind blows in that particular direction.

His own party labeled him "a well lubricated wind vein." What more does anyone need to call him what he really is, a liar?

Romney is "a ship without a rudder," clearly at the mercy of an "idiot wind" that blows his sails in all different directions. He consistently takes the path of least resistance.

Against the auto bailout loan, against going into Pakistan after OBL while, at the same time, attempting to take credit for one while both agreeing with and disagreeing with both. Wishy-washy is way too generous for this "pudding-filled balloon." Ask yourself who was right.

Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers, Robert Murray are all expecting behemoth "ROI," "Return On Investment" from Willard Mitt. He is not about to disappoint his "puppet masters."

His charge that the president can't work with Congress is ridiculously ludicrous. Anyone paying attention, even minimal attention, knows that this is "self serving" outrageous lies.

Congress, both House and Senate, have done nothing but obstruct this president, even when he agrees with them. Cynically voting against measures that they, themselves, proposed and sponsored.

They will not allow this president to do anything good for this country because it would weaken their chances of regaining the White House. Blaming the president for not being able to work with Republicans is like blaming the judge for the incarceration of the criminal.

You can't trust him to do anything he says and then you can't trust him to do anything right. On all disagreement with the president, he has been wrong. Whether you call it Etch-A-Sketch or Romnesia or rudderless, it all adds up to the undeniable fast that Mitt Romney is a huge liar. How can anyone from the extreme right to moderate to liberal believe a single word that Romney says? A chameleon would be embarrassed by his inability to keep up with Willard Mitt.

Choice, no choice. Mitt Romney is "multiple choice."

There is only one conviction that Mitt Romney has, tax cuts for the very wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

Trickle down "supply side" economics has never worked. Ronald Reagan's own economic advisers have admitted this. The middle class are the "job creators" and when the middle class does well, the wealthy and the poor do well.

In Massachusetts, Romney has a 39 percent approval rating, while his "healthcare law" has a 64 percent approval rating.

On our side of the economic argument are Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton and Warren Buffet. On the other side are Karl Rove, George Bush and "The Donald." My question, who do you trust?

Bob Atkinson


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