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Democrats try to silence opposition

October 28, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Why did it take three votes before the Democrats put the word God into their convention platform? These people are not the party of my father and grandparents. Most of their party who speak on television or in person act like Vice President Joe Biden at his debate with Paul Ryan.

I wonder why they don't allow their opposition to speak? President Barack Obama did the same thing when he didn't want to answer Gov. Mitt Romney's question about where his (Obama's) pension funds are invested. He urged Candy Crowley, the so-called non-biased moderator, to go to the next question. Crowley apologized to Romney's team about being wrong about Obama using the word terrorist attack in the Rose Garden. Her apology means nothing unless she apologizes to the millions that saw the debate. We cannot ever have a non-biased debate with a CNN moderator, their liberal leaning always reveals itself.

I was at the Eastern Gateway Community College forum and Robert "Steve" Vukelic stated he pays more in taxes than most of us. Is he telling me he's very rich? He also pleaded for forgiveness for his wrongdoing, which resulted in a felony charge and conviction. He said he was sorry and paying back all the fines and penalties levied on him as punishment. Why would I want this man to handle millions of our tax money? I'd vote for him if he would answer this one question - Mr. Vukelic, if you weren't caught, when would you have turned yourself in to the authorities?

Democrats believe in compromise, but only if the opposition agrees with them. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took full responsibility for the fiasco in Libya, then departs for what must be an urgent life and death visit to Peru without explaining what she told Obama about the massacre of our ambassador. Very convenient, I think. To say one is responsible, one must accept the consequences of that responsibility, so Clinton doesn't resign but goes on a trip to Peru.

How can Obama look into the camera and proclaim he has no war on coal? He said in a 2009 ad that if someone wants to build a coal electric plant he'll see to it that it bankrupts them and that our electric rates would skyrocket. He claims his administration digs more coal than any other. Readers, check the facts about issuing permits and actual tonnage produced, you'll find the man does not tell the truth and has no shame about it. As scary as our president is, this is more so. After his rally at the University of Wisconsin, several students, all Obama supporters, were asked if they thought it was fine Obama didn't have the use of a teleprompter in his first debate with Romney. Most said he should have been allowed to have one, others thought he did. These students are allowed to vote, and Obama loves them.

Mark Maccariella


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