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There are reasons why levies fail

December 2, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

This is regarding to the letters from Kimberly Fletcher ("Can't understand levy votes") and Alex Gryskevich IV ("Area doesn't care about children") that appeared in the Nov. 11 edition:

How dare you to castigate those who chose not to add another two levies to our property taxes. This is America and we can vote for or against anyone or anything we choose to and we don't have to answer to you or anyone else. I do choose to make some comments. Previously, there were students who wrote in favor of the levies. Did they get a grade for that, and the letters all looked like they had copied the same info off a blackboard. Did you tell those 18-year-olds they would be paying for that levy until they were 55 years old - just 7 years from Social Security? And maybe we thought nine levies would be too much.

Yes, I'm hiding my wealth. I'm 79, retired from bankrupt Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. after 32 years and my pension is very very small. I'm just rolling in dough. And don't give us that "consolidation" stuff again. Where is this mythological school that could be used - oh yes - I know, another levy. Yes the kids are leaving the area. My three have been in Texas for 20 years and it had nothing to do with schools. Did you forget that steel mill jobs supported this area for many years, and they are now gone.

Gee - gone - no jobs, duhh. You need to blame the politicians. They didn't impose tariffs on imports to level the playing field on wages so we wouldn't have to compete with foreign "slave labor" wages. Call Washington. So, enough of these property tax levies for the schools. We need a supplemental sales tax so everyone has to pay a fair share, not just we who worked for our homes.

Schools and dollars don't teach kids - teachers, parents, and kids who care make success. And I wonder how many of those who wrote to support the levies work for the system? Bet I could guess.

Earl McLeish


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