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Unleashing a monster

December 16, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

"Monster" well goes online in Ohio.

"Deep within the western Belmont County area known as Egypt Valley lurks a 'monster' that is producing as much as 28.5 million cubic feet of Utica shale natural gas per day."

How appropriate to mention Egypt. Monsters rising from the dead. Mummies wrapped in bandages punishing the tomb raiders.

One might think the mummy wrapped in bandages attacking tomb raiders is scary.

Think again. There's something bigger and scarier under the earth. Pumping millions of gallons of water underground and letting the fracking "monster" out, raising his head, spewing poisons into the air, polluting the air we breathe, poisoning our drinking water. And when the earth starts to rumble beneath your feet and opens around you, remember embracing clean air and clean water to save the human race is beyond the conservatives comprehension.

The holier-than-thou cry we are leaving our children with great debt with regulation and safety, not wanting to understand. Only the complex phenomenon of Mother Nature can make oxygen to breathe. Without oxygen to breathe, one has three minutes to make a good act of contrition.

Memorize it well.

Steve Kopa


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