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Much learned through writing

December 16, 2012
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

I have learned so much during the time I have written letters and read the opinions of so many.

It was a different experience for me to scan over the beliefs and disbeliefs. I've read about the people who have strong convictions to the country and their faith and those who have set one or both aside.

I have learned that you don't hang a flag upside down, except in distress unless it is a malfunction of the cord and pulley.

There are so many writers who love life and those who are minus a reaction to the unborn and compassion for the elderly.

At times I stood back and listened to so many lame excuses while fighting for our freedoms of life and religious liberty.

Many lessons of standing tall for what was important to America were equaled by those who found so much wrong with it.

I have heeded the great teachings of the wise by dismissing certain news broadcasts and abstaining from my daily cinnamon roll and coffee at my favorite fast food eatery.

It breaks my heart to know if I am an American of faith, my words can be deemed "invalid and irrelevant."

I have studied many letters this year and learned that there can be "poor losers" but also arrogant winners.

There can be many who remove our crosses, but never our faith and those who complain about our worship but can't stop our love of God.

I must admit that I had to question a family scholar as to why one's legs would have a "fuzzy feeling" after reading a letter.

There were five minutes of silence, then the explanation ... oh my.

Although most of my serious worries have been calmed, I've had many sleepless nights pondering over a letter that hinted of the Darwin/Wallace theory of evolution, by mentioning a "protruded cranial ridge."

Since I have to be absolutely sure of my heritage, I must ask, is there really a bigfoot? Is he a true patriot? Does he roam the forests of northern Jefferson County and, if found, do I call him daddy?

Carol Hauber,

Piney Fork

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