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Jan. 12 — it’s an official ‘Me Day’

January 20, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

Jan. 12, 2013.

It's official.

I have awakened to declare this Saturday on the calendar a "Me Day."

Me. Me. Me.

We all need one of those every once in a while, I think you would agree, to recharge our batteries and renew ourselves for whatever comes next.

It would be a day of no rendering onto Casear, even though I would be attending the Steubenville Saddle Club's annual awards banquet that evening to take photos and write a story for the newspaper, but since it involved horses and horse people, that hardly counts as work in my book. I was happy to go.

I got up early on this Saturday to savor the day, since sleeping in would actually make me a little mad at myself.

As much as I like to snooze, I view sleeping in on a Saturday as a day-robber, leaving me with less time to do all that I want to do for me, me, me.

It's a warm winter day.

I don't know what it's like today as you're reading this, but last Saturday was a January gem as the thermometer flirted with 60 before it was all said and done.

I am loving the me time.

I have my morning coffee in the quiet of this new day, three or four cups to properly caffeinate me for the descent to the basement for Joy No. 1.

I will wash the Kiaskimobile.

Certainly everyone's interpretation of having some quality me time doesn't translate into washing a car, but it sure works for me.

I had mentioned to Better Half my intent the night before. He made that "why bother" face. I shushed him.

No matter the forecast, I assured him, I am washing the car, a dirty overcoat on wheels I can no longer bear to don.

Step away from the woman with the hose, bucket and sponge, and no one gets hurt.

I drink in the finished result with delight.

The car clean, a final cup of joe enjoyed, it's time for Joy No. 2.

I scrounge for my jogging clothes, an outfit more functional than fashionable - my faithful tennis shoes, old scruddy black sweatpants with a white paint stain from a past project, Better Half's red U.S. Marine Corps sweatshirt and a red bandanna.

Off on my snow-free route I go, grateful for the friend that jogging has been for me through the years.

I think of songs, say a few prayers, commit the morning's Bible verse to memory or realize at some points with a level of amused surprise that I've actually entertained no thoughts at all.

Back home, I can feel the endorphines kick in and catch a whiff of the wet puppy smell a good workout delivers.

I sit in outdoor weather comfort on the front porch steps with my dog Lucy at my side, contemplating what's next.

And I think I'm ready.

"This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

(Kiaski, a resident of Steubenville, is a staff columnist and features writer for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and community editor for the Herald-Star. She can be contacted at

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