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May 13, 2013
By CHUCK CRONIN , Weirton Daily Times

Slip these words into your vocabulary:

Entomology - the study of word origins.

Vortex - a whirling mass; think of a whirlpool.

Agoraphobia - abnormal fear of being in public places.

Argot - shop talk, slang.

Colloquium - a seminar with experts present.

Lugubrious - extreme sadness, mournful.

Inculpable - free from blame or guilt.

Ex post facto - the thing done afterward.

Extemporaneous - speaking without preparation.

Kudos to Jim Fenske of Weirton for excellence in competitive running. At age 81, Jim has competed in several 5K races in Florida and, in one race, finished third for oldest winner. He also won his division in a 5K in Toronto, Ohio. Recently, celebrating his birthday in Tampa, he finished third in his category. He was born in Waynesburg, Pa. Jim worked at Weirton Steel with 41 years in customer service, production and accounting. He retired 20 years ago. Jim likes to work out on the Panhandle Trail out Colliers Way. Keep hoofing it, Jim!

Milestones: According to my records, The Weirton Daily Times is 85-years-old this year; Williams Country Club is 83; Weir Memorial Pool is 79; Hancock County is 165; Fiesta Ware made its debut in 1936 - or 77 years ago - with five colors; ground-breaking ceremonies were held 57 years ago for the Mary Hayward Weir Public Library; West Virginia Northern Community College was established 41 years ago, as was the Weirton Baseball Association on Kings Creek; and West Virginia became the 35th state on June 20, 1863 - 150 years ago.

Who came up with that awful acronym, ROFB - rolling on the floor barfing?

The Weirton Rotary Club's Kentucky Derby Party was outstanding. Many of the ladies got into the spirit of the event and wore dazzling outfits. Good food, good music, decadent desserts, and the excitement of the race made it a very enjoyable evening. The best part: Rotary's charities are the benefactors.

A Weirton area resident, the gregarious Marian Grubor, is the new Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival president. This year's fest is July 26-28 at the downtown Heritage Port in Wheeling. Proceeds will be devoted to college scholarships in communities on both sides of the river. With her warm personality, Grubor, who has served 29 years at West Virginia Northern Community College, is likely to supply the festival organization with a huge amount of new energy. She is Business and Technologies chair and culinary arts professor. Congratulations to Marian!

Some good words and thoughts from John Wesley, Anglican clergyman:

Do all the good you can,

In all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as ever you can.

Something I never knew - each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history: Spades, King David; Hearts, Charlemagne; Clubs, Alexander the Great; and Diamonds, Julius Caesar.

On a list of witty sayings, there was this one: "A day without sunshine is like a day in Seattle."

I'm not sure that is true. In the 50s, I spent two weeks in Seattle waiting for the ship to convey our infantry company to Korea. Although it was December, the weather was mild, it rained a lot, but the sun occasionally peeked through the mist. Otherwise, it was a beautiful area.

New acronym: BYOD - Bring Your Own (Mobile) Devices.

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