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Where are Obama’s defenders now?

May 26, 2013
Weirton Daily Times

To the Editor,

January, 2014: Obamacare is coming; you'll be "taxed" if you have insurance, fined if you don't; you'll be "taxed" if you're an employer who provides insurance, you'll be fined if you're not.

The Roofer's Union, among the first to lobby for Obamacare, is among the first to lobby for its repeal; they've seen the paperwork.

Individuals will see a 100-percent-to-400-percent increase in benefit costs, under the "Affordable" Care Act; this is already happening, however, as many companies batten down for the coming regulative storm. Seniors will see a reduction in Medicare services; they've already lost $1 trillion in funding, with much more coming, as funding is redistributed to pay for Obamacare.

Unemployment is expected to rise, as smaller companies downsize to stay under the 50-employee limit. This will also stunt the future growth of businesses and industry; many will simply not hire or expand, to avoid Obamacare's strictures.

Unless, of course, they can afford to make generous enough contributions to Democrat Party coffers to obtain a waiver, as has happened with thousands of companies; many, coincidentally, in Nancy Pelosi's district.

Remember when it was only going to cost $100 billion over 10 years to pay for the whole kit-and-kaboodle? Whatever government tells you something will cost, triple it; at least. We now know it's going to cost roughly 20 times that amount.

No wonder Nancy Pelosi wanted to pass the bill before anyone could read it; no wonder Obama only gave legislators three days to read the 2000-odd-page bill, and had to bully and bribe it through Congress. No wonder states are balking, refusing to adopt this overly-complex boondoggle, and inflict it on their residents and businesses. Even our own Jay Rockefeller, a co-author of the thing, has come out in criticism.

I wonder: in light of Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the outright lies, evasions and misdirection that went along with it, the fact that drones are flying over private property in America, the revelation that the IRS is being armed and was purposely targeting Tea Party and other anti-Obama conservative groups while giving leftwing groups a pass, the fact that the Department of Justice was spying on the news media, HHR director Kathleen Sebelius' illegal attempts at fundraising for a pro-Obamacare front group, and the fact the Department of Homeland Security, once called "Bush's Brownshirts," is arming and purchasing military-issue armored combat vehicles, are any Obamaniacs out there wising up to what they've done? The overt arrogance, tyranny, corruption and thuggish criminality they've unleashed on America?

Obama blatantly lies, gets caught, keeps on lying, and they say nothing. They actually complain, when Fox News and talk radio do their jobs, holding him and his cadre accountable.

It was often said by those on the left, that virtually everything George W. Bush did was "indefensibly evil," and/or "incompetent."

Yet, combined with all of the above, increasing terrorist activity, the economy, unemployment, unrelenting cronyism and ridiculous spending, Obama makes George Bush look like George Washington.

Where are those people, now?

Rob Denham


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