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What has our world become?

January 19, 2014
Weirton Daily Times

To the editor:

Although I placed my pen on hiatus for a brief moment, I felt compelled to put it back in hand.

My story has always been one of faith, charity, compassion and toiling beyond the average worker.

In that story, I see a world that has become extremely insensitive to human life. It is so indifferent that it can decide when life should end and that which we believe in is condemned.

We, as Christians, have made many enemies by speaking the truth. We have been the thorn in the side of people, where loving our Lord should be the rose in everyone's garden.

Have we really become a liability because we have a heart that loves and a mind that can perceive right from wrong?

Should I let the pieces of life fall where they may and lie silent, or do I speak out? Our freedom of choice is to embrace the weak and cry with the weary. We are bashed as Christians but don't ask for an apology.

It wasn't long ago that a gentleman asked what was wrong with being called an illuminati. I ask, what is wrong with loving the true light in our lives?

We kneel at the foot of the cross where blank areas don't exist. We honor our heavenly father, whose gifts are never incomplete.

There is a falling away from the church; people kill without care and harm without thought. The world is in disorder. Where is the faith that is our foundation?

We have never stopped loving our creator just to be a part of the crowd. We didn't stop worshipping our God to believe in worldly ways.

How many would sit in on the massacre of innocents because it is the law of the land? We watch sisters of the faith being abused and priests slayed for what they deeply hold dear.

Pastors are locked away for years and denied medical treatment while their spouses and children wait for their return.

Still feel numb to the importance of life? Where are the letters to the editor, Christians? Will we fight for what we have or sit back and let it become another needless statistic?

Freedom of choice - how many new laws will be added in the years to come?

Will it be euthanizing a parent, or having a panel make decisions for those in wheelchairs or on crutches?

Will those who take insulin, chemotherapy or heart medication have the plug pulled on them? What about anyone with a pre-existing condition?

Do we dare to be the voice that needs to be heard? Can people feel something beyond their own selfish needs? Where is the love of life that used to be?

Are we happy at being allied in our beliefs, or do we cry out, "Oh come, oh come, Emanuel?"

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork

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