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From the Pulpit: Trust and obey, there is no other way

February 2, 2014
By TOM DERBY - Colliers Way Church of Christ , Weirton Daily Times

Just my luck. I get to write for the Pulpit Series without knowing who won the Super Bowl or if the Ground Hog saw his shadow. Without this information how will I survive! You may be one of those people who put your trust in the out come of the game and will face loads of disappointment if they do not win.(Oh! how could they let me down like that). Maybe, your world, this morning, hangs in the balance of a ground hog who supposedly will tell us if winter continues or ends. May I ask you a simple question, REALLY! I completely understand the enjoyment of the football games, the commercials, various types of foods and snacks, friends and family getting together to view the game and I understand the tradition of waiting for the ground hog to see or not see its shadow. These things have been going on since you and I were children or before. Enjoy the entertainment of both today, but may we seriously, consider where our trust really is found ? Since this is the Pulpit Series, consider with me just a few thoughts. The short definition of trust is this:" confide in, rely on." For me to confide in or rely on something I want some real reasons to do so. My trust is to be found in concrete evidence of something. It can't be a haphazard, weak feeling that may exist but something that I can sink my teeth into. We trust others, why? Some of us have people to even make end of life decisions for us, don't you have good reason to have picked this person? Sure, because you confide in or rely on their judgments for doing the right thing. We trust people to teach, train, baby sit and entertain our children. There is a process we go through to accomplish this as well. So, who are you trusting to help you through this life and carry you into the next? This is a much more important question to ask than who will win the game or will the shadow be seen of a ground hog.

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